How can I join the College Dems at UCSC?

Simply show up to one of our meetings!

When and where do the College Dems at UCSC meet?

Winter 2019
When: Tuesdays @ 8pm
Where: Amah Mutsun Conference Room
Our meeting time and location are subject to change. If the answer above is out of date, the best way to get an up to date answer is to email us at or to check our Facebook

How can I Donate to the College Dems at UCSC?

The Best way to donate to us would be to write us a check! The check should be made out to "College Democrats at UCSC" 

What is our position on Candidate X or issue Y?

If the College Democrats at UCSC have endorsed a campaign or measure, it is likely we are listed on the campaign's website. We also post our endorsements on our Facebook page. If you have questions about a specific campaign or if you want us to endorse you or an issue you are working on, send us an email!
See also: Article VII of our Bylaws

My question isn't here, what do I do?

You can send it to us in an email ( or Facebook message